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 Lay Member of Court, university of Strathclyde
Cordale Housing Association – Opportunities to join our management committee
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WANTED: Non Executive Directors and Trustees

Non executive Director ('NED'), Trustees and part time posts - listed by order of closing date for applications.

Volunteer and unpaid posts are marked (V), although many will provide expenses and subsistence.




If you would like to include an NED or Trustee role in the list below, please contact

We include a 'date posted' column so that it is easier for you to check whether changes have been made since you last visited this page.

Where a closing date is not available ('NA') entries are normally removed after 3 months.  

You’ll find expanded details of all these opportunities and more on our partner site:

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Position Location Date Closes Date Posted Link
Trustee with financial mgt background for MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES UK (V) London 17/4/19 26/3/19 more
NEDs x 2 for Blackpool Airport Operations Ltd Blackpool 17/4/19 26/3/19 more
Advisory Council on National Records and Archives (ACNRA) x 8 Board Members Kew and London 17/4/19 11/3/19 more
Chair of Arhag Housing Association London 19/4/9 3/4/19 more
General Aviation Champion London 19/4/19 6/3/19 more
NEDs for ExtraCare Retail Ltd (V) Coventry 19/4/19 5/4/19 more
NED for Grand Union Homes (House Building) Bedfordshire 21/4/19 20/2/19 more
NEDs x 2 for Anglian Community Enterprise (CIC) Colchester 22/4/19 22/3/19 more
Members of the Board of Governors for the University for the Creative Arts (V) Epsom,Surrey 22/4/19 5/4/19 more
Trustee for Youth Mix (V) Greater London 22/4/19 5/4/19 more
Chair + 4 Members for The Biometrics and Forensics Ethics Group (BFEG) Mostly London 23/4/19 2/4/19 more
Chair (Woman) of the Board of Trustees for WOMEN IN PRISON (V) Home based 23/4/19 29/3/19 more
Chair of the Board of Trustees for The Eikon Charity (V) Surrey 23/4/19 14/3/19 more
Specially Appointed Commissioner for the Royal Hospital Chelsea (RHC) London 23/4/19 21/3/19 more
Commissioner for Criminal Law and Commissioner for Commercial and Common Law London 24/4/19 28/3/19 more
Barnsbury Housing Association – Chair Islington, London 24/4/19 23/3/19 more
Board Chair for B3 Living (V) Hoddesdon 25/4/19 21/3/19 more
Small Business Commissioner (SBC) Advisory Board and Audit & Risk Assurance Committee Member Birmingham 25/4/19 11/3/19 more
Trustee for Fulham Good Neighbours (V) London 25/4/19 22/1/19 more
Interim HR Director London 26/4/19 12/4/19 more
NED role with the Cornwall Investment Delivery Company Truro 26/4/19 23/3/19 more
Scout Association - Trustee Lead for Safeguarding (V) London 26/4/19 22/3/19 more
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Non-Executive Member London or Cumbria 29/4/19 1/4/19 more
NED/Trustees for The British Dietetic Association (BDA) Nationwide 29/4/19 29/3/19 more
Chair for the Defence Nuclear Safety Committee (DNSC) London 29/4/19 22/3/19 more
Social Work England Board Member (Audit and Risk) Sheffield 29/4/19 5/4/19 more
NED for Origin Housing London 30/4/19 12/4/19 more
Trustees for The Bristol & Bath Parks Foundation (V) Bristol 30/4/19 21/3/19 more
Interim Chair of Trustees for Leeds Mencap (V) Leeds 30/4/19 2/4/19 more
Lay Member for Humber and South Yorkshire Recruitment Advisory Committee South Yorkshire 30/4/19 15/3/19 more
Trustees x 3 for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (V) Home based 30/4/19 25/2/19 more
Chair for Wales Advisory Committee at the British Council Cardiff 30/4/19 5/4/19 more
Treasurer for Porchlight (Homeless Charity) (V) Kent 1/5/19 1/2/19 more
5 Non-Executive Directors – Health Education England Nationwide 1/5/19 12/4/19 more
Tate - Artist Trustee London (plus Liverpool and St Ives) 1/5/19 1/4/19 more
Hon. Sec. for The Oxfordshire Campaign to Protect Rural England (V) Oxford 2/5/19 1/2/19 more
Chair + x 2 Board Members for Magna Housing Dorset 3/5/19 3/4/19 more
Copyright Tribunal - Lay Members x 5 London 3/5/19 22/3/19 more
Treasurer and Co-Treasurer for RSA,Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (V London 3/5/19 10/4/19 more
Independent Non-executive Chair for The Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) London 5/5/19 5/4/19 more
NEDs for The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) London 6/5/19 15/4/19 more
Geospatial Commission - Commissioners x 4 London 6/5/19 29/3/19 more
Trustee for CAMEO Day Care Services (V) Surrey 6/5/19 5/2/19 more
Trustees for the Bethel Health and Healing Network (V) West Midlands 6/5/19 8/2/19 more
Chair - National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) London 7/5/19 16/4/19 more
NED for the Maritime & Coastguard Agency Southampton 7/5/19 29/3/19 more
Non-Executive Director - Property Development London 8/5/19 12/4/19 more
Trustees for the Camden Canals & Narrowboat Association (V) London 8/5/19 8/2/19 more
Member - Human Tissue Authority (VAC-1420) London 8/5/19 28/3/19 more
NED for National Nuclear Laboratory London and Various 9/5/19 1/4/19 more
Illegal Wildlife Trade Advisory Group - New members London 10/5/19 12/4/19 more
Trustees for the PIOT Foundation (V) London 10/5/19 9/2/19 more
Local Consumer Advocate - Northern Region (Northumbrian Water) Northern England 10/5/19 11/4/19 more
Trustee Treasurer for Projects4Change (V) Newcastle 11/5/19 10/2/19 more
Committee on Radioactive Waste Management Members UK - Various 12/5/19 1/4/19 more
Chair for All Wales Medicines Strategy Group Cardiff 13/5/19 16/4/19 more
Members for the Secretary of State National Park Authorities and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Conservation Board. Various – Broads, New Forest, Peak District, Lake District and Cotswolds 13/5/19 17/4/19 more
Non-Executive Director of mySociety Ltd London 13/5/19 12/4/19 more
Pool of National Reviewers (Dep.Ed) England + London 14/5/19 15/4/19 more
National Gallery x 3 Trustee Appointments London 15/5/19 17/4/19 more
Historic England - x 3 Commissioners London + 15/5/19 5/4/19 more
NED for The National Centre for Atmospheric Science  Leeds and London 15/5/19 15/4/19 more
Trustee for Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS) Barnsley, Yorks 16/5/19 13/3/19 more
Social Security Advisory Committee - Committee Member Nationwide 17/5/19 17/4/19 more
Traffic Commissioner for Wales Cardiff or Caernarfon 17/5/19 15/4/19 more
Arches Housing – Board Members Sheffield area 17/5/19 15/4/19 more
Trustee for Engineers Without Borders Uk (V) London 20/5/19 29/3/19 more
Steering Committee Member (Company Director) for the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) Home-based 20/5/19 19/2/19 more
Chair of Board of Trustees for Learning Through Horses (V) North London 21/5/19 20/2/19 more
Trustees for Learning Through Horses (V) North London 21/5/19 20/2/19 more
Sport Wales - Board Member (up to 3 members) Locations across Wales 22/5/19 16/4/19 more
Sport Wales - Board Member (Welsh Essential) Locations across Wales 22/5/19 16/4/19 more
Imperial War Museums - Business Trustee London 22/5/19 15/4/19 more
Chair for Natural Resources Wales Pan Wales 22/5/19 12/4/19 more
2nd NED for The National Centre for Atmospheric Science London 22/5/19 17/4/19 more
Trustee for Cheshire Wildlife Trust Chester Area 24/5/19 3/4/19 more
Ofgem, Non-Executive Director London 26/5/19 17/4/19 more
Business Trustee for Refugee Resource (V) Oxford 26/5/19 26/2/19 more
Trustee for Bath City Farm (V) Bath 30/5/19 1/3/19 more
Trustee/Chair for Bright Futures UK (BFUK) (V) London 30/5/19 1/3/19 more
Chair of the Board of Trustees at Munro Health (V) London 30/5/19 1/3/19 more
Treasurer Trustee at Munro Health (V) London 30/5/19 1/3/19 more
Non Executive Director for Age UK Lancashire (V) Chorley, Lancs 31/5/19 17/4/19 more
Chair of Air Quality Expert Group National + London meetings 10/6/19 17/4/19 more
Chair of Trustees – GASP Motor Project (V) Guildford, Surrey 11/6/19 13/3/19 more
Chair of Strategic Development Board Southwark Children’s Centres (V) London 11/6/19 13/3/19 more
Trustee for Community Transport Waltham Forest (V) Walthamstow 11/6/19 13/3/19 more
Treasurer for The SWAN Project (V) Bristol 12/6/19 14/3/19 more
Trustee and Treasurer for Belong (charity reducing the harm caused by crime) (V) Home based 13/6/19 15/3/19 more
Treasurer for Advice4Renters (V) Brent, London 27/6/29 29/4/19 more
Treasurer for Westway Community Transport (V) Notting Hill, London 30/6/19 15/4/19 more
Social media and comms trustee for RefugeeEd (V) New Cross, London 1/7/19 2/4/19 more
Trustee (Marketing) for Age Concern Bracknell Forest (V) Bracknell 1/7/19 3/4/19 more
Treasurer/Financial Strategist for inVOLve Community Services Bracknell 16/7/19 17/4/19 more
Trustee with legal experience for Winchester Science Centre (WSC) Winchester, Hampshire 16/7/19 17/4/19 more
NED for Yourcare(Croydon) Ltd (V) Croydon na 14/3/19 more
NED for Bourne Education Trust (BET) Surrey na 26/3/19 more
NED Offshore Petroleum Regulator for Environment & Decommissioning (OPRED) Aberdeen na 2/4/19 more
Non-Executive Director (Equity Funding) London ne 13/4/19 more